Sep 22, 2011

You Are A Child's Play Thing!

Tate is in love with Toy Story! It's the cutest thing. He can only say a few words and two of those are Toy Story. He always says it in a pursed whisper. Which is so adorable. We found an on sale Woody and potato head. He doesn't leave the house without Woody. The first 2 days he had a death grip on him. Today in the car I could hear kissing noises coming from the backseat. Tate was giving woody kisses! He won't give either of us kisses but has loads for Woody.

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These were just burning a hole in my camera to get out and on the blog. His diaper bonnet! Hilarious!!!.........Oh he's just the best..........Don't worry it was clean.

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  1. Hilarious!!!! I love all of your pictures and how cute is Tate??? He is getting so big. We love you and miss you guys like crazy