Jan 21, 2013

Looking back at 2012

Now I know January is almost over, but as you can clearly see I haven't exactly been on top of the whole blogging thing lately.  I did however want to post a little bit about the whirl wind that has been our life this past year!

The year stated out with us in Minnesota, and my little brother Dustin was staying with us for a month or so. He shared a room with Tate in our 2 bedroom apartment. Let me tell you it was cozy!

We went to the redbull crashed ice event. Very entertaining, but very cold!

Tate and I went to Florida with some of my family. Tate's first beach experience and Disney World and Sea World.
We went out to Georgia for Memorial Day to visit Aaron and Kens and Mayce.  Love them, they are wonderful hosts and we loved seeing their new life down south.

As most of you know we were living in Minnesota for 2 years while Donny was in school at the University of Minnesota.  We loved it out there and we miss it so much!  While we were there we did lots of fun things together, we loved our ward and we made some really great friends....And Tate fell in love with his little Madie.

We really miss our friends! And we really miss our little home, but we made the decision to pack up and make the trek back west and move in with my parents in Montana while Donny finished his PhD and I worked at the hospital in town.

So from there Tate and I flew to Utah and spent some quality time with the Baum family. Tate loves his Grandparents and cousins!
From there we came up to Montana. Poor Donny and his fantastic Dad drove all our stuff, yet again, cross country! We are so blessed with families who are will to do anything for us, such as drive our stuff around in U hauls and let us live in their homes.

Donny and I hiked the Bear tooths with my dad and sister. I started a new job at the hospital.

We found out that baby Baum #2 will arrive in May.

We went back to Georgia for a fabulous thanksgiving with the whole Bingham family (minus Dust...he's in Russia on a mission)!  Sorry I don't have pictures of this event.
And to finish off the year we had a huge Baum Christmas with all 20 of us.  Sorry also don't have any pictures of that on my computer, but I'm sure you can imagine the holidays were magical this year with being able to see every bit of family!

2012 was a crazy year full of fun and moves (not so much fun), but we had a great time and we made wonderful memories.

We look forward to 2013 which as we see it will only be crazier and packed with more new opportunities than the year before it.  We hope to have a new job for Donny, and a sweet new little baby!  We look forward to what this new year will bring!