Sep 16, 2012

An outing to the lake

I'm a little late in posting about our Labor Day, but so much has been going on in the family it's been hard to find the time. Well really there isn't much to even talk about...... we had a pretty quiet Labor Day actually. We decided to go for a little picnic at the lake.  I got some cute pictures, so I thought why not blog about it. It was a great day at the lake, good food, a shovel and a bucket, and plenty of rocks to throw and skip.
003-3 004-1 Photobucket 011-2 Photobucket Grasshopper cookies! Yummm!!! And he said "No Mom I no need a drink!" Photobucket

I love a relaxing day outing with my little family.

Sep 6, 2012


There has been requests from family members for some videos of our character filled Tate. Tate loves my mom's piano, well he just loves music, and he always plays it on max volume. My mom calls this his Ray Charles.

Tate loves, LOVES to sing! And he learns songs really fast. I can sing him something once and the next time I sing it he is filling in the words. Lately some of his favorites are Oh My Darling, "Toy Story Three" which is you've got a friend in me, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, and this song that is in the video is a song my mom use to sing to me when I was little. I don't know what it's called. I always called it the Angel song. I'm very embarrassed to post a video of me singing, but Donny insisted on posting it, and Tate is so cute in it. SO just listen to him and tune me out please!

Daisy is Tate's new best friend....well I guess his only friend nowadays. Anyway everyday he has to give her "fresh water" and he continues to say "Daisy fresh water!" until she comes over for a drink. One day he discovered he could do the hose all by himself and was having a ball.