Jun 3, 2011

Tate is a busy, busy boy! He spends most of the day unloading the kitchen drawers and cabinets, chasing Daisy and getting into her food and water, and finding any kind of mischief he can get his hands on.
This is Tate's Montana summer outfit. As you can tell it is still quite chilly here! Brr!!! He looks like he could be a homeless baby begging for food.
We put Dust's ball bag on Tate and he loved it. He wore it around for a least and hour until his foot got all tangled up in the straps. He looked so cute. Kinda like a turtle with a green shell.
Oh no he's doing stairs. I walked out of the kitchen this morning and Tate was already up 3 stairs! As of yesterday he hadn't been interested in tying them. He's all over the place and trying new things everyday.

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