May 30, 2011

Like two peas in a pod

Tate and I are up in Montana, where we are spending the majority of our summer while Donny is in Manila. The first week we were here we got to spend some quality time with Tate's only Bingham cousin Maycie. They had such a good time together. Tate absolutely loves her! They copied everything each other did. Tate thought she was so funny, he was laughing at her all day. It was so sweet. We were sad for her to go home. Tate was grumpy for about two days after she left, and Maycie went home requesting baths with Tate.

Maycie enjoyed feeding Tate too. She would do "bit for Tate, bite for Maycie". Tate is a really good eater and got Maycie eating great as well. She wanted to eat anything Tate was eating.

Gammy and Grandad were loving having both grandchildren together at their house.

We got to spend the weekend up in Kalispell for Dustin's soccer tournament. It was cold but a lot of fun. Tate adores Dustin, I was trying to hold him for this picture, but he kept reaching for Dustin to hold him. I think these two deserve each other!

For anyone who has been following Donny's trip so far, he is feeling much better. I talked to him this morning and he sounded much happier and said he was feeling almost back to himself. Thanks for every one's thoughts and prayer on Donny's behalf. He is doing well at work and is now really getting into it. His roommate arrived on Sunday which has been really nice. Now he's not so lonesome. Donny said he is very optimistic and fun and if you can believe it two inches taller than Donny. I'm sure those two are a sight to see walking around Manila. Donny said he might even do some of his own posts on the blog so keep an eye out.

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  1. SOOOOO cute! I love this, they were so much fun together. WE can't wait for you to come down here for a while;) PS Do you want to send me all of the pics and videos you have of those 2 together? PLEASE??