Jun 20, 2011

Maycie had a mickey mouse clubhouse cake. Kensie made it, she did a great job!
Tate loved the pool. He wanted to get in all by himself. He is so brave and has no fear at all. We had to keep a close watch on him.
Love her! She is really into Mickey Mouse these days, if you can't tell.

Grandpa Greg took the kids on a wagon ride. They loved it. Maycie held tight to her purse the whole way. Tate was standing and feeling the wind on his bald head.
Just chilin reading his paper.
Tate with little Ellie. Notice they have the same binky. That was very confusing for Tate he kept trying to take it from her. He only succeeded once in getting her binky out of her car seat. I noticed he had this pretty little binky clip hanging in front of him. She is so adorable. We are all in love with her.

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  1. I love the pic of Tate in the baby stroller!! When we were home my mom got out our old doll stroller and Madison sat in it too and LOVED it! Her Aunt gave her a ride all through the house!

    Sure miss you guys. I agree that I can't wait until we have our little family back together!!!!