Mar 22, 2011


Family is the greatest thing in the world! Life would be so empty without them. I am so grateful for my little family, they bring every happiness to my life. We have been out here in Minnesota for about 7 months now! Time is starting to fly by. I can't imagine what life would be like without my two guys. We have a great time together--the three of us.
I made Tate a spinach smoothie and he loved it! As you can see he doesn't quite have the drinking out of a cup skill down yet.
This is Tate's new favorite spot to hang out.....his window sill. He loves to put both hands on the window and look down and watch the cars pass and if he's lucky a school bus (which he gets really excited about). Just so everyone knows I was standing right there. I don't just let him stand up there by himself.

Little Family's not that often that we all look this good.

This last picture is just so cute I had to put it on. Donny and I teach in primary, our class is so cute. One of the girls in our class drew this picture of me last week. When she gave it to me she said "Here I drew this of you...that's why I was looking at you so much." Pretty good huh?


  1. My favorite post yet. Tate is so stinking cute I can't even stand it. What is it about that boy that makes him so completely irresistible and lovable?! You three do look absolutely fabulous in that little family pic. I really love your hair, you look beautiful, Donny looks so handsome and thin, and there basically aren't words good enough to describe little Tater. I love you guys! And I love the blog! xoxo, Elle

  2. Well, Elle already said everything I was thinking so a big ditto. I love that hair on you. And you are one beautiful family!