Mar 4, 2011

So ready for spring........Meaning new hair

How cute are they eating breakfast together? Tate is so much fun, he loves to just be hanging out with us no matter what we are doing. Just wants to be part of the group. (I think this might me my second photo of Donny's awesome morning hair on this blog)
I got the idea in my head that shorter hair would be a nice change for nicer weather.....(when it gets here!) So I went and had it chopped......It's really short but I like it. I'm not really used to it yet but Donny assures me it is "better than your last hair cut", plus an "it makes you look skinnier" so I'll take it. This post if for you Kens!


  1. EMMMMM it is SO cute! Not many people can pull of the short hair look but you Totally can! I absolutely LOVE it. Last Sunday i was watching the Grammys and Haly Berry came on with her very very short hair and I want it! Now that my hair has grown out though I am to afraid to cut it. I guess we will see what happens huh!
    Anyway I love it and you look adorable.

  2. EM!!! You look gorgeous. I love the hair. I've been thinking lately about what I want to do with my hair next time I cut it...come May there may be a blond pregnant woman in Utah with your same haircut. :) I love it. And I also love the comments Donny made about it.

    Tate looks adorable sittin next to Don like that. I can't believe the hair he's getting! He's gonna look so different with hair- but nothin could change how cute he is.

    All my love to you guys. xoxo, Elle

  3. Beautiful, Em! I love it. I could never pull off that haircut, and it looks amazing on you. I can't believe how much you look like your mom in that first picture.