Apr 6, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine

This is Tate's new favorite face. Super cheese! He does it all the time, when he's excited, sometimes between every bite, and when he wants you to think he's funny. It usually comes with the sound effect of him breathing really fast in and out his nose.

Ok, so I want you to watch this video with your eyes closed and just listen to Tate laughing, that way it will be much cuter. But if you do watch it with your eyes open which I'm sure most of you will, just try and watch Tate....as to not focus on me acting crazy to get him to laugh. Although surprisingly enough he is really easy to make laugh. He's my best customer! I can tell already this kid has got a great sense of humor.

We are starting to think Tate will walk before he crawls! All he wants to do is stand or be holding on to us or anything he can walk around with. He's not very steady yet, but he sure is fast! Especially "right out of the gate" as Donny would say. He screams and arches his back if you try to sit him down. This Boy was born to stand/run!


  1. SOO cute, what a little stud! I have to admit though my favorite part of the video was watching you entertain him;)