Mar 16, 2011


Life just keeps on pluggin away, winter is coming to a close and spring is on it's way. I can't wait for the nice weather to come. I hear that is people live in Minnesota for the summers. I'm trying to enjoy ever season, it seems like when one season comes I'm always waiting for the next to come.....unless it's winter that is coming. Life never stops, I'm amazed at how fast this year has gone. Tate is going to be one years old in less than 4 months!

This week has been spring break for Donny and we have really enjoyed him being home. Since the snow has started to melt (yay!) I have had a chance to wear my new rain boots that I used my birthday money on. I love them!
We had some nice sunny weather today so we decided to go out for a walk. By nice weather I mean it was about 48 degrees and 15mph winds. So we got Tate bundled up and headed out. He loved it! He was smiling the whole time and talking up a storm. He has gotten cabin fever just like the rest of us!

Man is he cute or what?! He is so much fun and has the funniest sense of humor. He laughs so much and is my biggest customer (meaning he thinks I'm really funny)


  1. WOW, one year old in 4 months??? So crazy, Mayc will be 2 years old in 3 months. It is so crazy how fast they grow and how fast time goes. We miss you guys like crazy and wish you could be here so Maycie and Tate could have lots of play dates.
    Love you SOOOO much

  2. HE IS SO CUTE. I love that pic of him just sitting in his little blue suit- pointy hat and all. Can't wait to see you guys again. xoxo, Elle