May 6, 2012

Fire and Ice

Tate is becoming his own little person. He's always been packed full of personality (this we have always known). I guess it's just him being able to express it more. He has a sense of humor that is so great. He can tell a joke with just a few words and a sly smile that makes us laugh every time. This boy is fire and ice! I tell you one minute he is sweet and gentle and funny and smiley and the next he is throwing a huge tantrum and throwing things and hitting and kicking. It's truly amazing. I can't complain very much, though. I knew we would get at least one fireball. After all, I was warned that Donny would get his payback! (I'm just wondering what I did to deserve it!) 002-5-1 From what I hear, my sweet even-tempered Donny was the same way...maybe worse! Tantrums that put holes in the walls and windows and a sense of humor and a sparkling personality. I think I'm in for the long haul folks with this one. But if he is truly anything like his Dad, I'll take a few years of the tantrums for him to be anything like the guy Donny is. I have to tell myself everyday "he won't be like this forever!" He's a good boy, just more energy than he knows what to do with right now. He makes me smile and laugh and feel appreciated everyday. One of his new things that he says every time I do something for him or give him something he says, "thank you mom!" It's so so cute! I LOVE YOU TATE!

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  1. That picture melts me... One of the best I've seen I think. His eyes look so blue. I can't wait to see Ellie bloom, and to get a bit more insight into her personality and thought process. I'm sure excited for you guys tO be back on the west coast again. We sure mIss you. Love you tons. Xoxo