Apr 18, 2012

Can't Keep This Little Guy Down!

Well, leave a couple of boys together for a week and a half, and of course one of them is gonna end up at the doctor's office. Tate and Eli have been having so much fun together, and on my last day of babysitting things got taken up a notch. I already showed the picture of Tate getting wedged trying to jump from the dresser to the bed. Their newly discovered adventure was jumping from the couch onto the pillows on the floor. They both started off pretty tentative, but as you can see from the clip below, Tate worked himself up into a state of reckless abandon until it seemed that his goal must have been to clear the padded pile entirely.

They had fun with it for a while, but eventually Tate missed his target completely and landed with one leg directly on the floor. He started screaming and crying really loud, so I ran and picked him up. Looked at his leg, no bones poking out of the skin. The crying lasted for a minute or so until he calmed down and started repeating, "Jump. Again. Jump. Again." The crying was the loudest, however, after I told him that the jumping was over.

After he woke up from his nap he was walking around the house like a peg-leg, using only the heel on his right foot. His little foot was a also a bit swollen and hot. So, we took him to the doctor's office.

He was so great at the doctor's. He sat perfectly still while she examined his leg, and was motionless, holding the little lead vest over himself to get the x-ray. Fortunately, we came away with a clear x-ray and just a wrapped leg; nothing broken. All in all, I think it just added to the adventure for Tate. I think now the problem is going to be finding a way to keep him from jumping off the couch, cause clearly a near broken bone didn't do the trick!


  1. Tate is totally nuts! He's as likely to injure himself mounting the couch as he is jumping from it. His ta-da at the end is awesome. A bit squeaky/girly but awesome indeed. Love that guy! Love you all!!

  2. Oh boy, is he Donny's son or what!?! Except that Donny had his first emergency visit when he was about 10 months old. I'm sure you guys are in for more fun in the future. Keep up those insurance payments!! Love you!!