Aug 16, 2011

End of our trip in Montana and Utah

Yikes I have some major catching up to do here. I'm so behind! We've been back in Minnesota for about 2 weeks now. We are all moved into our new apartment and love it! I just need to do some finishing touches and then it will be ready to be photographed and posted. But before we jump the gun and post pictures of beautiful Minnesota, I better get to some pictures of the last part of our time in Montana and our time in Utah. Donny and I have always felt so lucky to be a part of two of the most amazing families. We have such a good time together and really enjoy the time we get to spend with our siblings when we get the chance.I just adore these two together! I mean really are there any guys our there cuter.... I don't think so.
Kids where tired by this point I think, but the rest of us are looking good.
Mayce and Tate had lots of fun jumping around in Granddad's boat.
Tate learned how to show that he is 1!
After the boats at Trafalga. I think Donny is the wettest.
All the grand kids (minus Ellie) at our canyon picnic.

The whole Baum gang.
We love our family and miss them so much now that we are far away. But it sure makes it special when we can all get together.

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