Jul 18, 2011

Tate turns 1

Like everyone always says when their baby turns 1, I also can't believe my baby is already 1! Happy Birthday little Tater. We love you so much. You have made our lives full of love and entertainment. We had Tate's birthday while we were in Montana. Donny was still in Manila and we really missed him. On Tate's actual birthday we just had a little dinner with Granddad and Gammy.

Aaron, Kens and Maycie came up to Montana to join us for our last week. We had so much fun with them. Tate loved going to the park and the pool and trying to do whatever Maycie was doing.
A few days after Tate's birthday we had a little family party for him. As you can see Tate loved his cake. I made him a little monkey cake that he could tear apart. He just kept looking at me like I can't believe you are letting me do this. We were all laughing so hard, he is so expressive and entertaining. Granddad got some really great pictures of Tate eating his cake, but these aren't any of them. These are just a few that were taken with my little point and shoot, but he was so cute I wanted to put them on the blog.


  1. So Cute! With his little bald head he totally reminds me of Grafton. Hopefully we will see you guys sometime this summer. Glad your doing well~

  2. those cake eating pictures are the best! the monkey is adorable. we miss you guys and love you very much. xoxo, elle