Apr 8, 2011

My new fabulous diaper bag

My other diaper bag just wasn't working out, the handles were constantly falling off my shoulder and it was too tall and skinny. So I decided I would make my own to get what I really wanted. It turned out great! I love it! It can snap on to the stroller or can be worn as a messenger bag. It has 4 pockets inside and one on the back on the outside. I really loving using my new sewing machine and love trying new projects.


  1. OMG Em Are you kidding me????? I absolutely LOVE your bag. Love that it has so many pockets inside and 100% LOVE your fabric. Em you are so crafty and I am so proud of you for putting all that craftiness and energy to work. I'll let you know when I am having another baby (hint hint).

  2. Wow Em look at you! You are so crafty! Very cute!