Feb 3, 2011

Burrr it's a Minnesota winter!

Whenever we told people we were moving to Minnesota all anyone would say was "yikes it's pretty cold there isn't it?" and my answer is yes! Good thing we have warm coats and are generally optimistic!

It started out like this......not so bad just a little snow and temps in the 40's to 20's. We can handle that. It actually looked quite pretty. Note how wide the street looks. Two car can easily fit down that wide road.
Then all mayhem broke loose on that Friday night that lasted the whole weekend! You're probably thinking that doesn't look so bad and you are right only because this picture doesn't do it justice. If you can't tell that is the very same road that is pictured above. Not even one car can park anywhere and it was like driving on Moguls. I don't have a picture of our cars but they were completely buried in the back of our building.

This is the walk from our apartment to the street.

This picture was taken almost 2 months after the previous photos! It has not melted at all! I wish I had a picture looking down the street, there is barely room for one car to squeeze down the street and this is why my drivers side mirror is hanging on for dear life after it was smashed by someone trying to maneuver the tight squeeze!

I know terrible picture of me but we wanted to put the piles of snow in to perspective. This is in front of our apartment and it looks like this everywhere! You have to be in the middle of the intersection to even see to cross the street! Needless to say I have become a little scared of driving in this winter mess. It's a new experience for us and we are trying to appreciate this Minnesota winter. As you can see from the picture I'm wearing my new winter coat for the extreme temps. It rarely is warmer than 20 and usually around 10 with a wind chill of -10 to
-30. I can't wait for summer but we are having fun out here and we are loving it!

I thought I would throw in a few of Tate cause he's so cute. He loves wearing Donny's hats and doesn't even try to take them off. He'd wear it all day I think!

Some friends of ours have and indoor pool at their apartment and are kind enough to invite us over from time to time for a dip. Tate loves the water. He did try and lick it but found out that wasn't the best idea and didn't taste great. He looks awesome in his suit!

This picture was taken the morning after the swimming. His friend Madison was kind enough to loan him a pair of pj's. Not ashamed at all to be wear girl pj's you can't see it in this picture but on the front is a butterfly and a flower. He looks pretty relaxed in them to me!

Donny and I went to a Guster concert. This is what Donny got me for my birthday present back in November. Isn't that sweet of him to get me concert tickets to his favorite band..........seems like a gift for himself to me but we did have a great time!

Tate's crib finally arrived! Yay! and he's sleeping like a king. He loves it in there, sure beats the pack and play. The boys did such a fantastic job on it over Christmas break. I couldn't be happier with it. I adore it! Now I am going to try my hand at sewing and make a bumper and skirt for it. So more pictures to come.......


  1. Love all of your pics and yes the picture with all the snow does it justice. That is crazy how much snow you guys got. Bummer, good thing you are optimistic:)

  2. I can't believe all that snow!! Glad you guys are enjoying it out there though! Tate is adorable and I love his crib! Can't wait to see the crib bedding you make!

  3. That's a great picture of them in the pool! And I think he looks great in Madison's pjs! Can't wait to see the crib bumper and shirt!!!