Jan 17, 2011

Our winter break adventure!

You all are probably thinking I gave up on the blog......we have just been having so much fun traveling I haven't had time to get to it. So I hope you all are ready to see lots of pictures! We had so much fun going west for the Christmas season. We flew out to Utah and stayed one short night before we got in the car and headed north to Montana. No we aren't crazy, but it was a lot of traveling with in a 24hour period for sure. Tate is such a good baby and was such a trooper the whole trip. We spent 12 days in Montana for Christmas and loved every minute! We got to talk to Amber for Christmas and she is doing so well over in Hong Kong. She was greatly missed this year for the holidays. Montana was full of the usual relaxing activities: games, food, puzzles, movies and we even taught Kens to crochet! I guess it wasn't as relaxing for the men they spent a huge chunk of the trip down at the wood shop building a crib for Tate. Pictures sure to come when it gets here. It looks so good and Donny had a great time learning how to use all those power tools. Thanks Dad! Also thanks mom and Dad for a fabulous Christmas, I'm so glad we were able to come, thanks to you!
First before we get to all the holiday pictures I just wanted to put this one on here, because it is so cute! Tate loves his glow worm, he is so captivated by it. Grandma Glo and Grandpa Dan knew he would love it!
Tate and Gammy in the Christmas spirit. Tate loves wearing hats and was so funny with that Santa hat on. He also loves his Gammy, and I take it by that smile she crazy about him as well!

Oh Montana.....it is cold enough to wear you coat inside.......or maybe that's just the Bingham house?

Uncle Aaron is so cute with Tate! They are good buddies.

It was so funny. Maycie thought the bindings on Dustin's snowboard was a little seat with buckles. She was ready to hit the slopes!

Christmas morning. Tate was already ready for his first nap by the time we got down to open presents. He only lasted about 10 minutes after this picture.

The girls in their stylish winter hats..........I made them

Tate was more interested in the wrapping paper than anything else

I guess Maycie was more interested in the packaging as well!

We then headed south to what we thought would be a warmer half of the trip to Utah for 18 days. It was unusually cold in Utah, but we had a great time anyway. We had a great time spending time with Jason and Katie and family while they were there as well. Halle's baptism was wonderful, she is so grown up. We were sad they couldn't stay longer. We had so much fun going to movies and eating at our favorite spots while we were in Provo. Thanks Mom and Dad Baum for letting us stay so long and for everything. We love you. We also had so much fun spending time with Elle and Beej. Tate even said BJ (believe it or not, we heard it clear as day!).
Tate and Jude are so cute with each other. They had fun playing together. I guess cousins share everything, Tate wasn't even mad he was happy to lend a binki. Shortly after this picture Jude was sitting on Tate going after the binki.

How cute are they?

Tate's favorite spot at Grandma Baum's house. He loves to look in the mirror and now that he is sitting up all by himself he could have spent the day there.

Tate loves his grandpa. They both spend a lot of time in the winter with hats on to keep those bald heads warm.

Aaron and the sick babies.
As you can see, we are fans of TV. The last week we were in Utah we all got sick. I don't know who started it but by the time we left we had definitely left our mark. There was not one left untouched by the bug.

Poor little sick baby. Just wanted to be held after getting back from the Dr. appointment. Tate had RSV and a double ear infection.

Stacie came to visit us several times..............I think to see Tate more than anything else.

We made it home safely yesterday and are happy to be back. It was fun trip and we already miss everyone. I think Tate is going through grandparent withdrawls, and missing his aunt and uncles. Now he just has his boring parents to play with.


  1. It was so fun to see you guys over the holidays! I also love looking at your blog. It is fun to see what you are up to! I will definitely keep the posts coming and I hope you will too!

  2. LOVE your pictures! We had so much fun with you guys and miss you like crazy!!! LOVE You!!!