Feb 17, 2011

The down side of living in an 84 year old building!

From the looks of this picture we are having a great day. Don't let the smiles fool you! This picture was taken after a frustrating day.......... It stated out as a lovely sunny Sunday. We were oh so thrilled that the temperature had finally popped up above freezing..........only to come home from church to find our bed was getting flooded by the roofs melted run off!
So this is us camping out in the living room while the ceiling in our room dripped all night long.
Here's the twin mattress that we slept on. For those of you who know Donny and his size, this was no easy task. I spent most of the night teetering on the edge as well as pushing Donny into the trunk. Needless to say we hardly slept and wink and were sore the next morning.

Our bedding was soaked! My duvet cover didn't make it out so good, giant rust stain :(

If you look close you can see the water dripping from the tip of the fixture and from the huge hanging crack in the ceiling.

So this was Sunday the 13th..... it is now the 17th and it has stopped dripping, but nothing has been done to fix it. I'm just waiting for the roof to cave in on us in our sleep. We decided to risk it after two sleepless nights in the living room!

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  1. What a bust. That picture of you guys in the living room sure is cute though!