Dec 1, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We had such a fantastic Thanksgiving with the whole Baum family this year. We all got together in Houston and Katie and Jason's beautiful home. We had so much fun!

Tana was such a good babysitter for Tate, he loves her.
Tater 1 and Tater 2

Tate and Jude first meeting, Tate had a bit of a disadvantage being that he can't sit up on his own. Jude got his eyes and nose a few times. But I'm sure they will be close little buddies when they get older.

Jude is 4 months older than Tate. They are so cute together. They really got each other going while laying next to each other. Tate is just happy any time he doesn't have to wear clothes.

Little Buddies!

This will be the Disneyland crew a few years from little Ellie. I think they will have their hands full with this group!

Grandpa Greg and his mini me

Waiting for our flight on our way home. He was pretty tuckered out and so were we all. We had a great time and can't wait when we can all be together again.

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    Love all of your photos. Sent you a surprise today so keep a look out;)