Nov 4, 2010

The Move

For those who don't know we have relocated to the beautiful state of Minnesota. It has been a huge change for our family, but we are happy to be out here and ready to start this new chapter in our lives. We live in a wonderful neighborhood, it is old but very historic. We have found there is a lot to do here, and lots within walking distance, although that won't be great come winter. Everything seems to be in a close distance from where we are. With the GPS I do pretty good getting myself around!

Our apartment building was built in 1927! It is small but cozy, one bedroom and a little nook for Tate. We have found there is a lot to do here and we have loved the fall. It is so gorgeous! Donny is busy with school and I am currently staying home with Tate.We actually have a bed frame now (obviously not pictured here) but pictures a black iron frame


  1. Great post Em. I'm very happy about your blog. Much, much love. Just counting down the days til Thanksgiving. xoxo, Elle

  2. Em I am loving that you have a blog! I feel so much more connected to you now. Love the pics, you place is SO cute.