Mar 11, 2012


Spring break is finally here! Yay! Although we aren't going anywhere and Donny still has lots of work to do during his break, it's still spring break. We are planning on doing a few fun things here and there. So maybe I'll have something interesting to blog about. It has been a bit mundane around here as of late. We are seeing some warmer weather on the horizon so we might get to get out a little bit and enjoy the outdoors as well.

Spring break also means we are halfway through the semester! We are starting to see the light at the end of the education tunnel. We thought it would never be in sight, but here we are in Donny's last semester of classes. Although we still have a dissertation to hurdle at a time. I think I'm going to love spring this year!

I found a goody from last spring that I wanted to share. It's amazing how fast babies change when life is just speeding by. We went to the park today and we were laughing how it wasn't long ago that Tate couldn't even climb onto the first little step (and more often than not fall off it) and now he is all over everything and running and jumping. Life just zooms on by doesn't it?



  1. oh, i remember this picture so well. I sure miss you guys. I'm also excited for spring even though it's already warm here. It's definitely not as exciting to welcome spring when the weather hasn't been cold, but I still love to see the trees budding, and the tulips and daffodils opening up. Sure do miss you guys. Thrilled we get to see you this summer. xoxo

  2. Oh man, that little guy is just adorable! Happy Spring, Em! Love you, girlie!!